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Restaurant Cleaning Service Challenges

Hiring a Restaurant Cleaning Service in New York City is difficult. There are so many options out there competing for your business so we want to highlight some of them for you.

  1. Start strong and then taper off. This is a common issue. Most company promise you the world and start off doing really well until they start weaning off labor to optimize profits. We never do this because we work hard to win and MAINTAIN our clients business.

  2. Poor communication. There is a not a one size fits all approach to cleaning a restaurant and in the age of technology many people forget that sometimes a simple walkthrough of your facility more easily resolves problems than a email or text. We work hard to stay in contact with the Chefs and Managers at each establishment to ensure that we grow and learn with them.

  3. Poor equipment handling. Running a restaurant is already difficult especially with the incredibly tight margins. Having a team of trained professionals handle your commercial cooking equipment ensures that it lasts a long time. Many "fly by night" overnight cleaning companies send in staff that is unfamiliar with the nuances of cooking equipment and that usually ends up in damages and costly repairs. This is a hidden cost of the "cheaper guys" –– it doesn't always end up being cheaper because the misuse of your cleaning supplies, damaged equipment, etc.

  4. Theft. Most overnight companies send in a group of people at night when your own employees are no longer around. This usually leads to things going missing or being misplaced. We pay our employees a fair wage and ensure that we vet them so that every single employee going into your business is there to do a fair and honest job each and every time.

  5. Surprise fees. Ever realize that after a vendor starts they suddenly start sending "additional invoices" for flooring deep cleans and other items you never asked for? We take our time to understand your comprehensive needs and then propose a fair and honest price for the work.

  6. Bait and switch. Many vendors show you pics of before and after work. We consistently do quality cleaning work. Below is an example:

Restaurant Floor Cleaning Service NYC

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