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Types of restaurant equipment we clean

You can have our company clean your entire kitchen equipment. We are experts in protecting your investment and making sure the right cleaning procures are followed. The list below highlights some of the most popular brands we clean in the commercial kitchens of New York City. If you don't see your cooking equipment listed, don't worry, we got you covered! Some of the many types of restaurant equipment we clean...

  • Rational

  • American Range

  • Bakers Pride

  • Blodgett

  • Cecilware

  • Cres Cor

  • Dean

  • Duke

  • DCS

  • FWE

  • Frymaster

  • Garland

  • Hardt

  • Hobart

  • Imperial

  • Jade Range

  • Keating

  • Lang

  • Magikitch'n

  • Perfect Fry

  • Pitco

  • Southbend

  • Star Manufacturing

  • Vulcan

  • Winston Foodservice

  • And more....

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